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Checkout how the Chinese glass bridge was tested before people were allowed to cross (Photos)

Today, we all know that the technical part is constantly improving and simplifying things. We all know that China has been working hard to create miracles that surprise the world and make the world a better place. You made a few things, including a small glass scaffolding, to make it easier between high-strength shaking. However, if many people think it might decline, people don't seem to believe in 101% expansion, but they have shown that the ground is difficult.

 This movie shows how the extension tries to grab the paw slide when a man is advised to beat the lady an hour away to see if it will fall. Although he worked hard, it didn't end. Here are some photos.

 This link looks great and makes China one of the most beautiful and livable places in the world. After the movie is over, some enlarged photos show how many people can walk on it at the same time.

 Therefore, before anyone can use the bridge, check the checkout photos of the transparent glass bridge.

 If you wear shoes, you can cross this bridge even after passing the exam.

 When the glass bridge has been tested before people can pass it, you can use the bridge even if it has been tested. I will wait for your speech.


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