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South Africans Are Crying Out About The Expensive Price Of Electricity

Many South African citizens are frankly complaining about the fact that electricity costs a lot of money that they can't even afford it anymore, so what is the point of having such an expensive electricity if it is not consistent.

On top of that we are not getting a buck for the money that we put in and it has created a situation that has truly made the country unfavorable in many respects, we wonder if nothing can truly be done in order to change this.

Because truly we cannot live in a situation like this now clearly we are in a tough situation right now is our country being compromised in many ways, because of the constant disruptions to the power supply most businesses have actually failed because of it.

Most of the businesses that rely on electricity predominantly were affected by the constant power outages, that is why something has to be done quickly in all the teachers this and we don't care if that includes basically changing there whole eskom dependency issue.

Where the Citizens are dependent on the power utility to have electricity because it is proven to not be ideal for a lot of people, now we would like to say a lot of change in that respect.

We don't care what really happens because we just want to see something being done and a little bit of progress in our country, it costs a lot of money to have electricity in the house only because of these incidents.

And it makes you wonder why do we keep putting up with such if we are going to be in such situations as a country, something needs to be done but no one is standing up and saying that enough is enough.

The incompetency of the governmemt is another reason why we keep experiencing the same problems over and over, because no one is brave enough to stand up and say we should do away with this power utility.

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