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Road Accident

Latest News: Putco bus accident claims 2 lives at R573 this morning

Putco buses claims 2 lives


Sources: Putco passengers Facebook group

Putco bus has been involved in a fatal accident which claims 2 lives and 26 other passengers severely injured. It is reported that the bus is from Watervaal in Mpumalanga near Siyabuswa. The bus was headed in Pretoria at 3am while in Moloto, the driver was avoiding the pedestrian who was crossing over and the bus turnover with the passengers inside. The driver and one passenger have lost their lives on the scene. Other passengers have been rushed to the nearest hospital.

Putco buses always claims lives in Moloto road R573 each and every year. Since 2021 started 2 biggest accidents have been reported so far and it is claiming many lives. The people from KwaNdebele have tried to stop the buses and get a train station but the government did not deliver the promises they made to them. Putco has also promised the KwaNdebele people a better services with their buses and still fails, he passengers always complain about how unsafe the Putco buses are it has been more than 20 years. These people have no other option of transport to take when they go to Pretoria because Putco has no other competition they are stucked with these buses forever.

The government had a budget to implement the gautrain to KwaNdebele and they did not fulfil their promise. Out of the 26 passengers who were injured they were on their way to work for their families, Putco company should put it's customers first as well as their safety needs. In my opinion i think this accident could have been prevented if Putco had a stable and more balanced buses to transport people. All the victims should be compensated very well because some may not be able to go to work again due to injuries from this accident.

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