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Leave Your Offices And Go To The Streets To Spread Your Message, Said Bheki Cele. Pics

27 May 2022 - 17:54

On Friday, May 27 2022, police minister Bheki Cele met with residents of Jabulani in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Bheki Cele, the police minister, has instructed station commanders to leave their desks and attend to their communities, advising them to leave their employment if they are exhausted. Cele gave a speech on Friday in Jabulani, Soweto, during a community imbizo aimed at tackling pressing crime issues. The event, however, received a low turnout.

Those in attendance spoke about missing dockets, unresolved rape and murder cases, police mistreatment and corruption, criminals being shielded, and station commanders being unavailable in some circumstances, among other difficulties.

I agree that we haven't done a good job. Minister of Police Bheki Cele. We can't have a situation where the community claims they have no idea who their station leader is. They can't possibly have an office. They have to be out on the streets, talking to people.

When their communities are penetrated by criminals, commanders must not sleep a wink, according to Cele. Station commanders and police officers must go out and flood the streets, leaving their offices alone.

Cele said he understood the residents' frustrations about rampant crime and corrupt police officers after listening to their complaints. He admitted that the police had failed the people in many instances. He admitted, I agree with you that we haven't done well.

Cele revealed that 73 individuals had lately been murdered, but that just 22 suspects had been caught. Only 35 individuals were detained after 89 people were raped, and 20 residences in the Jabulani precinct were burgled but only two people were arrested.

As a result, it's critical that we discover the killers, who must be equivalent in number to the number of murders. It's critical that anyone who rapes is apprehended; no one should be able to sleep in their houses with their ankles up. He added, I feel your predicament that we as cops are not performing well.

To combat crime, 10,000 trainees and 4,000 public order cops will be added: Cele. This year's budget vote for the police force, according to Police Minister Bheki Cele, is focused to restoring and strengthening community ties in.

Kefilwe Sedodi, a local, expressed concern about drug use in the area and said that police were in collaboration with sellers. She warned that citizens would take matters into their own hands if the law was not enforced.

Enough is enough, they say. If we have no choice but to take the law into our own hands as a community, we will. If that means shutting down the Jabulani police station, we'll do it, Sedodi said. Some people expressed disappointment that the 72-hour action plan was activated in numerous high-profile instances but not for their loved ones, and that suspects remained at large in many situations.

How come you can't do the same for us? Is it because we're poor or because our families aren't wealthy? I counted more than 30 cars here for your safety, but we're told there aren't any cars when we go to police stations. Minister, who do you think is protecting us? he stated

To applause from the audience, Cele directed provincial police commissioner Elias Mawela to form a special squad that would be stationed at the Jabulani police station for a week to receive case numbers and details of unsolved rape and murder cases. He's also asked officers to look into issues at the Jabulani and Moroka police stations and create a full report for him to review in six months.

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