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She was shot 9 times when she tried to leave him. Here are signs of an abusive partner to watch for.

One of the things currently trending on Facebook is the murder of Singwa Namhla Mtwa, she was shot nine times by her partner in her driveway because she was trying to leave an abusive relationship. While the murder happened almost a year ago, a post about it yesterday gained over five hundred likes, over a hundred comments and over a hundred shares. Now that people are learning about this tragedy I think it's appropriate that we also learn about the red flags of an abusive partner, so that more Woman do not end up in this position.

They try to isolate you :

Do not ever let your partner isolate you from your friends and family, because that makes them the only thing you have to rely on. If they start to abuse you after that it may seem like you have no one to turn too. Instead always keep a close network of friends and family so you never feel alone.

They are very controlling :

Your partner should not be setting out rules, standards and guidelines for you to follow in a relationship. When you are in a relationship, you are meant to live freely with a partner that respects the way you live. So if he or she tries to make you do things against your will, than leave the relationship as soon as possible. Remember that your partner doesn't own you.

They are always keeping track of you :

It's a bad sign if your partner needs to know your location at any moment. They should be able to trust you and you should be able to go anywhere you want.

My Opinion :

I would like to urge all woman to leave abusive relationships immediately, do not wait for them to change, instead go back to your families and start a life of your own.

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