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"Just say you were campaigning for GBV" Twitter suggests to man caught with another lady's underwear

"Just say you were campaigning for GBV" Twitter suggests to man caught with another lady's underwear

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A man found himself under hot water after his girlfriend found another woman's underwear in his pants. She proceeded to send a picture of the underwear and asked him what was going on. Feeling trapped, he headed straight to Twitter and asked that tweeps help him with ideas of how to get out of the sticky situation. Men and women alike were only pleased to help him lie his way around it by claiming that he was either campaigning against GBV or found it in a bin on the side of the road, amongst others.

His post was well received because a lot of people humoured him and offered their "dump-proof" advices.

Guys my girlfriend was packing my clothes and she sent me this,she found it in my jeans pocket😭😭I don't know what to say to her when I get home

These are some of the best comments on the thread:

Just tell that u wanted to see if she found it she will tell u cos last time u put R200 in the jean and she never told u that she found money

Ask her why is she doing this to you? Why trying so hard to implicate you for cheating? Her insecurities are making it difficult for the relationship. Dont forget to be fake angry

We can't be repeating things we teach you at men's conference, it's not like it's a used condom, tell her you were part of the campaign with the LGBTI🏳️‍🌈Community where you were raising an awareness hence y'all went to work wearing [lingerie]. You want to b reminded all the time🚮

Just tell her that you have a Fetish of wearing woman’s panties, you were going to tell her but you are glad she found it meaning now the topic is open for her to understand and love you the way you are 😂😂😂😂 @MeloThickness

Pretend you didn't see it... Ask her whose panties are those because you've never seen them wena self. And tell her blaming each other over petty things is a draining exercise...


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