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Young lady warns people to be more careful when using Indrive. Look what happened to her

Because of his narrow escape from kidnapped by one of the Indrive drivers earlier today, young girl Avuyile Adonis is urging people to use greater caution when utilizing Indrive services.

In driving was my wish for this morning." As we neared my destination, he began threatening me, saying that if I opened the door, he would drive away with me. While I was still reeling from what he had said, he got into his car and drove away with me in the backseat. Suddenly, I became fearful and leaped out of the moving automobile.

"I never imagined I'd have such strength of character before today. My life was saved by a miracle. I'm not sure what he could have done with me if he had drove away with me, or where I would be today if he had. "Please be careful; it's a dangerous world out there," Avuyile Adonis advised.

Other people also voiced their opinions, with one saying, "Why would he drive you to your destination when he could take you somewhere else?" It's possible she didn't want to pay for this one. Because that route is a crescent, it's possible that the driver believed he was being lured into a trap. These individuals flee and then play the role of victims."

When looking into this lady's narrative and judging by her bruises, it is clear that she is a victim of domestic violence. Do you believe her when she says she's telling the truth?

Let's see what other people have to say about this issue on Twitter.

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