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She Paid Doctors To End her Life And This Happened after


We all fight, we lose faith, we lose hope and heart but if someone decides that life is nothing, it means that the hell of a life that one is living to the point that you want to end your life means it is very bad.

Meet Claudine, a lovely young woman who had been raped. To make matters worse, he was also badly injured as his limbs, arms were all cut off with a cutlass after he fought with a gang of rapists.

The rapist left Claudine in cold blood and was rescued by a stranger who saw her in the blood shouting “help! Help !! ".

He was rushed to a hospital, where he was paralyzed and his left eye was paralyzed. After seeing her new condition, Claudine pleaded with her and paid for a doctor to end her life but woke up after the injection wondering why she had not died.

Claudine, a few months later, found out that she was pregnant. She decided to have an abortion, but for a second time, she stopped and relied on God for mercy.

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