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'This Is What A Truck Driver Woke Up To In Isando This Morning

The Isando truck driver woke up to the shock of his life, something he had no reason to suspect would have such dire consequences. Nonetheless, he did the right thing by checking the wheels and making sure everything was in order before even considering moving the truck.

They need to be in a position where they can do something about their condition because it is not right, and it is not the truck driver's fault that he was robbed of his tires.

Things are spiraling out of control and that is something that we cannot tolerate to persist; we need to be in a position where the people of South Africa can have a better situation for themselves so that they do not get into such a situation.

Because other countries don't have to deal with these problems and instead enjoy the kind of lying liberties that make us in South Africa fear for our lives as truck drivers, we hope that things may be improved so that everyone can live in peace.


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