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PIC|| A lady left mzansi sh0cked after sharing that she's going out with a very dangerous animal.

A pitbull is a very dangerous dog, why do you think it's called "pitbull" because it is a bulldog pitbulls are different from other dogs because they attack and can kill both human beings and dogs, it's in our nature to freak out when we see a pitbull whether is locked up or walking by the streets because our instinct knows that this is an aggressive creature.

In general, people who own pit bulls have this narrative of saying their dogs are not dangerous because they have not been proved to bite people more often than other dogs bite people. Nevertheless, it has been proved that the injuries inflicted by pitbulls are far worse than injuries caused by other common dogs.

Even though they can stick to their narrative, the fact remains that these dogs are dangerous hence that's why they always locked them up, and they can't even go out to places where there are people for example they can't visit the mall with these kind of dogs, people will freak out and I doubt they will let them in the mall. I don't why they have these dogs as their pets, pitbulls diverse to live by forest, I mean like when they are out of control they even eat babies. it's their nature we can't change them.  

Like this lady, took it to Twitter sharing a snapshot of her pitbull in a car saying that they are out, her Twitter handle is @AlutaMaq0ko and she captioned her post "WE OUTSIDE" that's what freaked people asking themselves why is she taking the dog to the public, her followers jumped in and they replied to her post. @Palesa_Dichaba "What the FUUUUU*k"

and @Nomthi08996167 said "Had to send my pitbull away after he nearly bit me, miss him but am glad his gone cause I had nightmare after the incident I'm left with Simba the Rottweiler now"

By reading the comments you can tell that this dog is not meant to live with people, what do you guys think about the pitbull being taken out? you can share your views in the comment section, please like, share with friends, and don't forget to hit the follow button


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