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Opinion: You Wont Believe Why Deborah Fraser Body Was Returned To A funeral Parlour || See Why



it can not be a secret that this week has been one of the busiest as far as the weather conditions are concerned as the country has been affected by the recent natural disasters. This is because the province of KwaZulu-Natal has been heavily impacted as the heavy rains refuse to see the daily new dawn of freedom.

The reason for this is that this past weekend, the province was also welcomed by another unexpected heavy rainstorm that affected some parts of the KwaZulu-Natal areas in a bad way. This is because the province was recently welcomed by heavy rains in April where a lot of homes were heavily destroyed. The heavy rains in the KZN areas also affected some families not burying their loved ones as it was not safe to do any funeral burial.

People of South Africa are still looking for answers to what happened to Deborah Fraser's body. This is because on Saturday it was supposed to be her last day to bury the body but her family Fraser had other plans. The reason for this was that the rain in the KZN areas was extremely strong which was not safe to send Deborah Fraser's body to rest. Even though the decisions of the family are hard to accept but South Africans who loved Deborah Fraser don't get to decide on what must happen. The family have all the powers to do what they want with the body.

According to the daily sun, it can be confirmed that the burial of Deborah Fraser will only happen after the heavy rains have stopped. This is because of respecting the culture of the Deborah family, as burying the body during rainy times can lead to bad luck. It is very important that the fans of Deborah truly respect the family's wishes.

What is your intake on this matter and why?

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