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" My 11 year old daughter pulled a knife on his dad because he tried to kill me"- Lady says

There is a guy on twitter telling his story about how he killed his girlfriend and was in prison for 8 years. That did not sit well with Dambai. She says she was triggered because her abusive ex husband nearly choked her to death. She was helped by their 11 year old daughter who grabbed a knife and threatened to stab him. She got out of her marriage and she still doesn't feel safe. Her ex threatens her sometimes.

"All i know is my ex husband almost killed me. He was choking me and i was losing my breath.The only thing that stopped him was our 11 years old daughter coming with a knife at him, he stopped. I almost died. It started with a push, I allowed it, then it was him throwing my phone in the toilet, I allowed it. He was jealous. Murderers should have a life sentence. You took a person's life. Some of us were nearly killed. I'm grateful to be alive but i still live in fear." She tweeted.

"My ex husband, a police official strangled me too. I was unconscious for a while.I woke from there and retaliated. He still tell people that I attacked him." Said @Quar_ Mchunu.

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