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Major1 Says, God's Anger Is Coming ForThe Police Who Were Used To Frame Him

God will always cause confusion to rise among our enemies. This reminds me of Senecarib the Assyrian king who send his army to defy God. He said, " which God can deliver you from my hand, don't let your king fool you. The bible says, "And Jehoshaphat ran to the altar in the house of God and start to ask God to intervene, while the King was praying, the assyrians turned against each othe and slaughtered one another. Let's hope Major1 is wrong on this one because if not, God's judgment is definitely coming for his accusers. The Lord will give them the harvest of what they sow, touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm, says the Lord. Hear what Major1 says below;

We will never stop praying for the judgement of God to fall on all those corrupt police officers (names to be mentioned in courts) who were after us because they wanted to extort money from us in South Africa.

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Very soon, God is about to come after them in His anger. They involved some people - they went as far as involving some “pastors”. Already they have started arresting each other and soon, you will hear about these corrupt police officers. 

They violated our human rights, and all because of money, we almost lost our lives (they were caught on camera and we have the videos). We opened cases against them with overwhelming evidences and nothing happened! 

No matter how they may try to hide, God will locate them with His finger of vengeance!

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Assyrian Jehoshaphat Senecarib


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