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Zambian Man Beat Up Local Tattooist for Doing a Bad Job on his Body. See what was Drawn on his Body

The South African people and residents have been advised on the need to always visit professionals when employing the services of anyone because the outcome of cheap unprofessional service delivery could be catastrophic and irreversible.

Despite the constant advise and admonition, many still choose the services of cheap labourers instead of going for professionals, and this is one of the major reason why we keep encountering report of substandard service delivery.

Meanwhile, a Zambian man has been left in total shock after he got his arm burnt by quack tattooist who works from home.

The young man actually went to the residents of a self acclaimed tattooist living in Soweto to have him design his body with some beautiful tattoos. Things went South after the self acclaimed tattooist finished his job and the tattoo looked opposite of what he was asked to draw.

The angry Zambian man went home and return few days later complaining about pus dropping from the spot where he was tattooed. He quickly pounced on the tattooist and beat the hell out of him for causing him more damage.

Residents of the area swiftly intervened and rescued the tattooist who subsequently ran away.

In a statement released by Chinedu Ani on Twitter:

"Zambian man left speechless after he used R100 to get this horrible tattoo on his body. He end up beating up the tattooist for a job badly done to his body.

It took the intervention of residents to rescue him".


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