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Road Accident

Deadly Scene Coursed By A Reckless Driver



South Africa has been having high numbers of car accidents that are coursed by drunk drivers. Hospitals have been flooding with emergency patients, some of who are critical due to the Coronavirus and the ones from car accidents. As the hospitals are overcrowded, it puts too many people's lives in danger as they may get infected with Covid-19, and most patients may not get the rendered service in time because the hospital has no beds or they are understaffed.


Five innocent souls have lost their lives due to one irresponsible road user who was driving under the influence of alcohol. Big companies have been raising awareness to motorists to obey the rules of the road. The drunk driver was attempting to overtake one vehicle only to find out that there is another one that is coming on the other lane. Despite the people who are now dead, eight other people sustained injuries.

The MEC of transport, community safety, and liaison was saddened by the crash and promised that in this festive season they will deploy more law enforcement officers to make sure that road users adhere to the rules of the road as they can not afford to lose lives.

Public's Opinion

As it is the festive season most people will be going to visit other family members and the roads will be busy, with law enforcers deploy into the streets this may minimize deaths that may occur and people would arrive safely to their destination.

The public is saddened by the accident but they are not convinced that drivers will stop driving under the influence of alcohol as there are still corrupt officials that except bride from those people and they also believe that the minister of transport in KwaZulu-Natal should come with new ideas to minimize the deaths on their roads.

Author's Opinion

The only punishment that is suitable for reckless and irresponsible driving is that the police confiscate their driver's license and they shall never be allowed to ever drive again

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