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A lady was captured on video trying to kiss the petrol attendant after seeing the petrol price. Vid

There is no denying the fact that fuel price in South Africa has reached unprecedented levels. The price of fuel is now almost double the amount of last year.

The government has tried to cushion consumers by removing the fuel levy but that is still not enough. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the price of fuel will rise again in the month of July.

In a video that was shared on social media a lady could not believe her eyes at the amount that was rising with every squeeze of the petrol pump.

After seeing the exorbitant amount, the lady try to kiss the petrol attendant. The lady could be seen approaching the petrol attendant and moving in for a kiss.

This video sparked a debate where people say that consumers might go to any lengths to try and get out of a fuel bill. Unfortunately the salary of the petrol attendant is equivalent to a full tank of some of the big vehicles people dtive.


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