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A 3 month old baby is accused of being murdered by her mother. Here is why she killed her.

A three-month-old girl is accused of being murdered by her mother.



MPUMALANGA-MPUMALANGA-MPUMALANGA- After reportedly murdering her three-month-old baby girl, a 24-year-old woman is due to appear before the Middelburg Magistrate's Court today, 14 June 2021. On Friday, June 11, 2021, at Avontuur near Middelburg, a horrific incident occurred.


According to police records, the woman and her baby paid a visit to her daughter's father at the farm where he works on that day. The man allegedly refused to let them in when she arrived, and she allegedly threatened to kill their baby if he did not open the door. The woman is alleged to have then thrown the child to the ground. The incident was then confirmed by the authorities.


"So she didn't take responsibility for her part but put all to baby daddy, so baby daddy didn't as well, so she realised the innocent child was a problem for her, so she lost it and killed her. The bible said it is now happening.


Even in situations like this, the court of public opinion, activists and GBV movements will find ways to point fingers at men.


Let's own upYes, the mother should be strong and raise the child, but she also needs a support system, which the father refused to provide because he had another girlfriend in the house...SAD TRUTH


I know how she felt, she must have been emortionally depressed.never easy raising a child alone, and the partner continues to live his normal life. Now the child had to suffer all because of the absent father. The mother should be taken for counselling after the sentencing.


And the poor children must suffer now💔 they didn't ask to be in this world🥺 Rather drop them off at a house of safety if they stand in your way of happiness.



You can't kill the child simply because the baby's father doesn't want to let you into his house. It's his house. It is his right. If you want him to support the child, every woman knows where to go, the killer must go where she belongs. " said one of my Facebook fans







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