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Four Suspected Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Arrested For Illegal Mining Activities

The police arrested four undocumented foreign nationals in Carlettonville. The arrested suspects are allegedly Zama Zamas who operate in illegal mining activities in the area. They were allegedly arrested after a tip off. Many illegal immigrants are known for carrying out illegal mining activities and several South Africans have been complaining Bitterly about this ugly trend, asking the government to carry out mass deportation of illegal immigrants, Undocumented foreigners and unsolicited refugees in the country. Furthermore, the government have been trying everything possible to end illegal mining activities or at least reduce it, but it seems the more the government fight, the more illegal mining increases. The government is reported as losing millions of dollars to illegal mining activities every year.

Some South Africans who have been reacting to the news say that they blame the government for not deporting illegal immigrants who continue to constitute themselves into carrying out illegal activities. A South African youth wrote, “What must we say as South African well done? It's a big no. Please — deport all illegal foreigners then I be able to say well done, for now, Tsek”. There are millions of illegal immigrants and Undocumented foreigners in South Africa, and even the exact population of these illegal immigrants are not known. Even some politicians are campaigning along this line, promising to carry out the deportation of illegal immigrants and Undocumented foreigners in South Africa if voted into power. Others are also campaigning for a regulated immigration control and strict auditing of Home Affairs officers who are involved in carrying out illegal activities by giving passports to illegal immigrants and Undocumented foreigners.

Furthermore, the people of South Africa are asking the ANC government to carry out a tight border control to prevent the influx of more illegal immigrants into the country. They are complaining that most of the stolen vehicles are taken across the borders to nearby countries,, and they are accusing illegal immigrants of carrying out these activities. Again, a group of South Africans know as putting South Africans First are saying that illegal immigrants and Undocumented foreigners are one of the reasons why the people of South Africa have no jobs, saying that they offer cheap labour and take over jobs that ought to be given to South Africans. 

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