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Check Out Video of How School Receptionist Was Robbed While at Work

The rapidly growing crime rate in this country is a serious call for concern and it is starting to become a pandemic of its own as more and more communities in each and every province face a serious problem with regards to crime.

Since the festive season is upon us people resort to extreme means to make some spending money during the holidays. Those that are in the life of crime are really at work and doing everything they can to make sure that they get paid, they are even robbing schools in a desperate attempt to make money.

A video has surfaced online of a group of man coming in to the office of a private school in Johannesburg and robbing the receptionist there. The three man came in in a casual way looking like they were going to inquire about something, but before the receptionist new it one of them pulled out a gun on her then they all pounced on her. 

They only took small things, small enough to carry and not be suspicious to the people on the street. This is probably not the first time they are doing this as they seemed very sure of them selves and were not hesitant while pulling off the robbery. All the schools are probably going to on high alert after seeing the video, but every one should be cautious since this could happen to anyone, as they are targeting everyone during this festive season.


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