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A horrified husband cuts his Wife's arm at night because of this (FICTION)

Some of us are scared of the dark and snakes are our worst fear. During loadshy we all have to be careful while walking in the dark

A devasted husband who seems to be wary of snakes has cut his wife's arm with a gigantic hammer.

The wife who had planned a romantic dinner for two in the dark because of loadshedding, was waiting for her husband in the dark, wearing all black and her snake-printed gloves.

The husband upon entering the bedroom got instantly horrified at the sight of what looked much like a snake on his bed. Instead of taking a closer look to confirm, the alleged man turned back and went to get a weapon he would use to kill the snake.

The man returned to the bedroom with a big hammer and upon his return, the snake looking thing was still there. The horrified man rushed and attacked the snake looking thing and hit it repeatedly with the hammer. Upon the heavy hitting, the wife who owns the arm shouted at the top of her voice in agony. That was when the man realized what had went wrong.

Afterwards, it happened that the man had severely broken his wife's arm. The wife cried all night as she was rushed to the hospital that night. The husband was sorry for everything that happened but the woman blamed herself for wearing the gloves

magine sharing a bed with someone wearing a snake printed cloth. Will you sleep comfortably?

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