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Lady lies about baby being stolen just to get attention from her baby daddy

Lady lies about baby being stolen just to get attention from her baby daddy and social media

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A lady caused panic on social media after declaring that she went to Home Affairs and had her baby stolen. According to her Facebook post which was later taken down, the employees at Home Affairs said that babies are not allowed in the premises and she made a plan to go in since she had no other option. This plan entailed leaving her baby with a stranger, hoping that the stranger would wait for her to come out!

For her to actually go to such lengths to get social media engagements show a very disturbing level of desperation and validation from social media and her baby daddy. She could have decided on another tactic to get attention but to actually lie about her own child and worrying so many people and still getting satisfaction from it seems suspicious. How did she get to a point where she decided that it doesn't matter that her child will be circulated as missing on social media?

What's worse is that even on Twitter, the lady who shared the post was still of the view that the child is still missing, only to be rectified by other commenters that the lady lied for clout. So many people shared the post and communicated their worry, only to be told that she's lying about it! And the fact that she could actually trust a stranger with her child and still not leave her phone behind should have raised red flags for people.

Apparently she wanted attention from baby daddy, I saw someone's status on WhatsApp, she posted this then someone asked her mom and the mother confirmed that her grandchild isn't missing @TshepieyyM

But who still leaves their child with strangers in public nogal....I mean 2021 @niqita11

She would leave a whole baby with a complete stranger, but would never do that with a cellphone @MogomotsiLebot2

Source: Twitter

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