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SA Man identified as SPY breaks internet.

His name is Dr Jefferey Lewis (well according to his Twitter account). He is a professor at MIIS (Middlebury Institute), works for the James Martin Center and a podcast host (acwpodcast)

Lewis is apparently always on Twitter spaces, even when the South Africans hosting the space are speaking Mzansi languages such as Isizulu, he is always a listener. This surprised people, simply because no one really knows who he is, they even jokingly gave him a title of being a "spy".

Since he is verified on Twitter, this may be an indication of his prominence or value in society. Therefore, a position of searching him on Google was taken.

The following was discovered about him:

- His main focus is arms control and intelligence (has to do with the military and sourcing of information regarding phenomena such as tools for military, enemies and more)

- He is a professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

- He is an academic author.

- He is a PHD holder

People were suggesting of ways that his identity and more specifically interest can be revealed. It was suggested that he is invited to a Twitter space and asked to speak, so that people can hear him and his opinions, since he is always a listener and never actually talks.

On the flip side, he may be interested in the conversations, since he is a podcaster. However, how does he listen and comprehend languages such as Isizulu, Sesotho, Xhosa or any other Mzansi languages that people converse in.

It can be concluded that Lewis is a legit academic, in fact, a teacher at one of the world's institutions.

Sources :

Pictures ( Google, Twitter spaces, @JanVanPotgieter,, @Armscontrolwonk)

Lewis's factual information was all received from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies website.

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