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SAD REALITY| Some citizens are better than others in Zimbabwe

The problem is we have become accustomed to mediocrity and low standards here in Zimbabwe, we deserve better treatment from our government these are just basic human rights a functional health delivery system, a basic education system that works and is affordable and a basic local currency that is supported by a functional industry, that has a balance of imports and exports but as we speak we are going south of these simple ideals. Lets support daddy Hope and his fearles exposes against this crude regime of misfits to Mugabe we owed some respect to these ones, a full wrath of contempt disrespect for they have downtrodden our fundamental values as a nation


This is weird because soldiers and police are there to fight against the innocent people who demanding their grievances to be solved, instead of them to fight for our rights they are violating our polite demands that's why Zanu pf still carry on looting yet at the end of the day 90% Zimbabweans are suffering from poverty

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