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2 SA Woman Were Arrested In Zimbabwe For Not Having Their Passports With Them

Two SA woman were arrested in Zimbabwe for not having their passports with them, they actually forgot their passport at the BnB in the country, however the law enforcers were not in a situation where they were going to show their South African counterparts that they will simply forget and hive them favouritism because they are South African.

The Law enforcements put that side and made it clear to them that they are not in a position to go easy on them unlike their South African counterparts, and this is definitely something that need a lot of investigation because the police in South Africa are very lenient.

But there is another incident that makes some of the people in the area very furious about what they should do, now it seems like even Zimbabwean nationals who have not been to Zimbabwe for long are being treated pike foreigners in their own country.

They are always required to show identification especially at the border where they know that whoever is in the vicinity is probably coming from the other side of the border so it has become a very common thing, now many members of the public are very concerned about the criminality that is taking place and they would rather see an end to the criminal activities.

We hope that this will motivate South African citizens to see that they are supposed to ensure that they also treat their country with more care, in terms of knowing who they allow into the country because we need individuals who are documented in order to be able to trace them.

The authorities in Zimbabwe are very serious about their country and they wouldn’t allow even the smallest of crimes to be committed, while here in South Africa bribe is the order of the day.

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