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The Real Truth About What Happened To The 22 School Children Who Died Celebrating Pens Down

It is unclear exactly what happened, but many people have theories regarding the circumstances that led to the deaths of 22 young schoolchildren who were supposedly heading out for the night and were found dead the next morning.

The 22 young people were discovered dead at Enyobeni Tarven in Scenary Park, East London. It is believed that they had gone out for drinks to celebrate the end of the school year but never returned home.

A stampede was suspected, but there was apparently no actual reason for it, and the proprietor wanted to close up shop, but no one could get up off the floor.

The emergency services were contacted since some of them were found laying on top of the desks; they confirmed the deaths of roughly 22 of them.

We don't know if she was doing it to enforce a curfew or just to keep people from being out too late, but rumors have it that he sprayed them with pepper spray to get them to leave.

They were in such a festive mood that they didn't want to listen, and as a result, they all perished when the liquor store's time limit was exceeded and they were fined.

Twenty-two bodies were discovered at an Eastern Cape Province nightclub.

Earlier today, as the parents of these youngsters worried about where they were, the awful spectacle that unfolded at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park prompted locals and customers to call for police, the metro, and an ambulance.


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