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If You See These 4 People In SA, Contact The Authorities As Soon As Possible. Opinion.

There is a high rate of crime in South Africa; thieves target defenseless individuals with the intent of taking advantage of them, stealing their goods, and then acting anyway they see fit with the stolen items and the victims. Because of this, when someone goes missing, it is imperative that we locate them as soon as humanly possible. Listed below are four individuals who have been reported missing in South Africa, and whose families are doing everything in their power to locate them. What you ought to do in the situation is detailed below. 

Make a note of where you have seen them, the precise position, what they are wearing, and the direction in which they are moving before doing anything else. If it appears as though they require assistance, you should approach them and make an effort to provide assistance; however, if it does not appear as though they require assistance, you may not want to approach them because doing so may scare them away. 

If they are seen with another individual, you should commit as much information as possible about that individual to memory. This should include the individual's physical characteristics, body marks, and the clothing that they are wearing. Keep an eye on their interaction and see if the other person is being aggressive towards them as this may be an instance of kidnapping, in which case the victim may require emergency assistance. 

Once you have gathered all of the information that you are able to without alarming the victim or anybody else who may be with them, you can proceed. Put in a call to the authorities right away. You can contact the local police station directly, or you can find contact information in each of the posters that are located above this one. 

Give them all the information that you have gathered, and keep in mind that you are free to make your report in complete anonymity if that is what you prefer. After that, either start looking for the person who went missing while leaving the area or continue looking. Choose whatever one makes you feel the most at ease.

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