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Another Fake SA ID And The Owner Run Away After He Was Asked How He Got The ID

South Africa has a long way to go in fighting illegal immigration in the country. This is not something that can just be done in a day. It needs South Africans to be even stronger because it has become clear that they are the only people who are fighting against this. As for the government, the media, and those who are living their high life in Sandton protected by the big walls, they have not joined the fight. And if you are not with South Africans, then you are against them, simple as that.

We have seen that there have been many fake South African documents being displaced and it has shown that it is easy to get these documents and from there, they do all sorts of criminal activities in the country using them. Some of them even try to get employed using them. We know that some of the Kingpins of making these identity documents have been arrested but the damage has already been done out there. One can only ask how many of these fake documents they distributed before they got arrested.

Another fake South African identity document is now doing the rounds on social media. We know that PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula have been going out to companies telling them that they need to hire locals and know foreigners can come in where they offer critical skills. If that is not the case, then the company needs to have 100% of its staff as locals.

Ever since then many companies are coming on board as they are now hiring only South Africans. A man was asked to produce a South African ID as the company only hire them and he produced one, but when he was asked where he got the ID, the man did not have the answer and he had to run away. This is the kind of awareness that is needed. One by one these fake documents will be taken out of communities.

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