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Opinion:Rainbow Nation Was the Biggest Scam Used to Rob Black SouthAfricans of their Land and Wealth

Its 27 years later after South Africa got independence but look at Where we are as a country .Black people are suffering more than ever,Unemployment is at its highest, black people are staying in shacks and have no land to build proper houses and they are now economical slaves to white people .Working in their companies to enrich them more .

What happened to the land black people were suppose to receive after independence. The economy .Do you see that The Rainbow Nation was the biggest scam ever .Instead of black people receiving what rightfully belongs to them .They were told that they should live in peace with the whites and allow them to keep the land and their companies that they built using our forefathers as slaves .

The rainbow nation was a scam thats why the only Person who was against it was assassinated. So why did Mandela and other politicians like Thabo Mbeki and Cyril Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma agree to the Codesa agreement.Thats because they were also in on the scam .They sold black people out with money.

Thats why you see that none of them during their reign as presidents ever pushed for the idea for black people to get back their land because they simply do not care .They are billionaires today because of the money and benefits they got from selling our land .

The funny thing is we celebrate these people as heroes.They are not heroes .They are the creators of black people suffering in SA today.Freedom was just freedom on paper,it never materialized in real life .

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