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Watch : Moments Before The Tragic Deaths Of 20 Teenagers At Enyobeni Tavern

Video footage shows an incident where the children were basically jam packed inside the place, and it has gotten to such a point where they were having a lot of fun and you can see the problem from the video alone.

They're having a very hard time moving around and what they might have experience as a episode of suffocation and passing out, it is believed that this particular Tavern only has 1 door which leads to the outside and inside.

So the way that it was packed it was not according to the proper rules and this might have also led to the deaths of the children, but the investigators are still combing the scene in order to determine exactly what happened in this incident because the families are heartbroken.

They have come out in Great numbers in order to understand what is going on and where their loved ones are because it seems like there's a lot of people that are missing, on top of the fact that there are confirmed reports whereby 20 of those people have died and three died in hospital so you can understand the kind of problems that they are going through.

The police are still investigating the cause of the deaths the victims aged between 18 and 20 years old, mothers and fathers had gathered to hear what was going on because you can see through the video that it was incredibly a nice time in the neighborhood.

Police, who are still combing the venue, denied them entry to prevent them from contaminating the scene of the crime because it will definitely affect the investigations of the police.

The police said that they want a tight case so that they get everyone accountable for this, this tragic incident occurred at a local tarven in East London rised to 20, the Police investigations still continues in order to bring closure to their loved ones because they have to do what is necessary.

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