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Latest News: Jubjub tells it all at MacG podcast last night

Jubjub may have left out other important things to say


Sources: This Is Colbert Twitter page

Jubjub was on the podcast with MacG last night. He said that he's got files on everyone but he also forgot to mention a few things to his victims... South Aficans are not impressed the way Jubjub has been given all the support and love, but he fails to apologise yesterday to his victims. His victims are the four boys, and Kelly Khumalo who is the mother of his child. He may be sentenced for his actions but an apology will definitely be a way to go.

Jubjub should have asked MacG to give him an opportunity to apologize and the country could have looked at him in a better way today. Last night it was all about him, and how other people have done him wrong. What about the family of those four children. I mean honestly Jubjub has changed so much since he came out of prison, South Africans wants him to be real and states only facts other than tell other people's businesses. Since he came out of jail he has made a name again for himself which os a good thing, i think other people should be given such opportunities too.

Jubjub is now everyone's favourite person in this country, each and every person in this country was waiting for this interview but it turns out to be all about him. I am saying this because there are people who would love to hear from him, about his journey since he came out of prison and what he has learn throughout the years. His current music is great and all the shows that he has hosted are gaining a huge momentum, which is why he must show munanity, humble himself and apologize to his victims.

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