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Man Installed Hidden Cameras in His Bedroom after Noticing It Was Messy When He Got Home

Guy goes back to work after hiding a camera in his flat. Intruder in his bedroom, his phone alerts him. His partner contacts him shortly after seeing the tape.

When Reddit user Vast Sky2172 let his roommate remain with him, everything appeared regular at the start. In their early twenties, they were both vivacious boys. They got along well and he worked part-time after graduation. But the Original Poster (OP) had doubts about his friend's character.

OP recently learned his roommate's incompatibilities. The sight of his unkempt bed every time he returned home after a long night shift made him suspicious. A spy camera for his bedroom was purchased by OP to find out the answers.

Suspicion arose when OP discovered unidentified clothes. Sometimes his roommate's girlfriend would visit. A visitor saw OP's untidy bed. I've noticed my bed has been a mess, and I've found clothing that doesn't belong to me in the covers when I return home from work. This is not my boyfriend. I am not good at confronting people.

O.P. placed a spy camera in his bedroom despite knowing how it feels to invade privacy. He went about his work as normal, expecting to discover the truth. On his phone's camera app, he saw movement in his room. Astonished, he stopped watching the tape.

The next day, OP's companion arrived. He showed him the footage, which embarrassed him. In response, OP's roommate asked to meet with the partner to discuss the matter in more detail. OP stated:

When my roommate and his girlfriend use my bed, I tell him it's filthy.

The roommate invited his girlfriend to stay over while OP was at work. Much to OP's chagrin, his roommate thought OP's bed was more comfy. After learning about her boyfriend's roommate's concealed camera, the girlfriend confronted him.

In the bedroom, he had a concealed camera, and his girlfriend attacked him It was too much to ask for guidance from the internet community after invading someone's privacy. He wasn't alone. A lady faced intruders in the same residence in another narrative.

She ripped her bedsheets in front of the concealed camera.

The roommate was scolded by several people for invading the OP's personal space To monitor for any strange behaviour while they were gone, one couple placed concealed cameras. Her phone notified her of unwelcome entry into her secured room. Added she:

My room is locked, so I glanced at the film on our trip home.

She ripped her bedsheets from the hidden camera film. In quest of something, my father-in-law opened the closet. Frustrated by their intrusion, she promptly evicted them.

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