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In Shock : This Is What Happened At A Complex Last Night

A group of 6 armed suspects robbed a security complex, they entered 10 to 12 houses and broke down the doors. They rammed the security entry using their Hyundai SUV, they held the victims at gunpoint and robbed a lot of homes of electronics. So far no arrests have been made and produced are looking for the six armed men behind the robbery. If you have any information that could lead to their arrest please come forward. This shows how criminals have became brave because of not being punished enough, therefore the government should make sure that they get a punishment that for make them stop being criminals. 

For instance other people are always do not going to risk their lives if the government introduces a death penalty, so it must be implemented. Law abiding citizens need to arm themselves and learn how to defend themselves, South Africa is now a very dangerous country to live in. Police stations and Army armouries are robbed even, the ruling government is out of their depth. So we are no longer safe even inside our homes, we will be thinking we are living in a secured complex, to our surprise when such things happen.

This is one of my analysis after the looting period, the police needs to do something about this whole situation. The government needs to increase the salary of the police and let them do the needful, and stop taking bribe from this criminals they need to be behind bars. They must also create more domestic job for the jobless, and security companies must stop employing thugs as security personnel. Surely some of those things are inside job so it is not fine for a security company to just hire without any assurance because, that is how some things end up creating problems for the residents.

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