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Prophet Rhadebelihle Sent a Strong Message to Queen Elizabeth ii, See What he Said


For the past few years, black people have been accusing whites of stealing minerals from Africa during the time of apartheid. Back then, black people didn’t know the use of minerals like gold and diamonds. To them, they were just beautiful stones. So, according to some history books, whites arrived in Africa and robbed black people of minerals in exchange for food and other useless things.


According to the facts_SA, the greatest diamond, which is well known as the "Great Star of Africa," which was mined in South Africa around 1905, is owned by Queen Elizabeth II. This diamond is estimated to be worth $400 million. See its photos below:

 Following the ownership of this diamond, a well-known tweeter prophet known as Prophet Rha, has sent a string of messages to white people regarding this diamond. He is warning white people to return the diamond to Africa to its rightful owners because it is a stolen diamond.


"Return our stolen gold, diamonds, and everything you ever stole in Africa, especially from the Egypt period. This belongs to Africa. You think we don't know. " He tweeted.


He went on to say, "There is no such thing as the Middle East. It doesn't even exist. Egypt is Africa, and there are no white Egyptians. Just like there are no white Israelites and Jews. The original Egyptians, Israelites, Jews are MELANIN. You hijacked our DNA and think we won't see a thing."

For the past few days, Rha has been sending messages to whites about the hojacked DNA and the things they stole from the Africans.


Another Twitter user came up with one of the most disturbing things about Queen Elizabeth II. He revealed that she has a special batch that she wears when she goes to special events. On her batch there’s a white angel stepping on the black man who is laying down. See the picture of her batch below:



What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you believe that white people stole minerals from us? Leave your comments below.


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