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PICTURES: Inside Enyobeni Tavern, See What Was Found. DON’T Open If You Are SENSITIVE

What exactly is going on in South Africa at this moment? We hardly make it through a week without coming across news about the unexpected deaths of a significant number of people. It would appear that the angel of death is roaming the earth in search of fresh blood. South Africans awoke this morning to the tragic news that more than 22 people had lost their lives in a night club earlier this morning. Please read on. 

The bodies of twenty-two people were found inside a nightclub in East London. The club is located in the neighborhood of East London. At an ungodly hour early on Sunday morning, a horrible event took place at the Enyobeni Tavern, which is located in Scenery Park. Messages sent out in a state of panic requested the intervention of the police, the metro system, and ambulance services. 

There are reporters here, but the photos they have taken cannot be used for publishing in any medium. Nobody knows what caused the deaths at this point, but some people believe that the customers were given poison or that something caused a stampede that hurt and killed a lot of people. No one knows what caused the deaths at this point. 


The club contains a number of dead bodies that are strewn around the floor, as well as tables, chairs, and other furniture; yet, none of the victims appear to have been injured. Parents and other family members in a state of desperation can be seen outside the building appealing with the security staff to let them inside while shouting the names of their loved ones who have gone missing. There is no response coming from any of them. The scene of the incident is currently being surrounded by a sizeable number of police cars and ambulances that have just arrived. At this point, dispatch has been informed that at least 22 people have passed away as a result of the incident. 

This is a story that is still developing as it goes along. After it was shared on social media, a number of individuals commented that they thought there must be a crack somewhere within the tar. There is no clear answer as to what caused Ben's passing. People only have suspicions at this point. Keep an eye out for further developments. 


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