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R.I.P. Namhla Mtwa, Shot 9 Times By A Hitman Allegedly Sent By Abusive Husband

Justice is still being sought for Namhla Mtwa who was gunned down with more than 9 bullets at the gate of her home in Mthatha, by a hitman allegedly hired by her abusive lover of 17 years Major Bhekezulu Mfesane. The family is inconsolable in the wake of the sudden death of this poor lady who was gunned down, unfortunately it seems like the alleged husband sent a hitman to take her down and she couldn't make it.

Various media publications reported Namhla's murder, it is believed that they witnessed the whole thing happen right in front of their eyes and they couldn't just allow it to happen. The suspect is believed to be still at large and the police are dragging their feet conducting the investigations, and bringing this case to a close which has upset the community.

The hitman was seen pulling the trigger at a close range, and made sure that he is killing her. It is unclear why the hitman was ordered against her but it is clear that this was a very abusive husband to her, and she stayed in the relationship for 17 years until she died a horrible death.

That man wanted to make sure that she is dead, she is dead and the sister was just outside crying, calling people, calling people because she was seeing this man killing her. Her family members couldn't do anything about it which is the unfortunate part, now they are asking for members of the public to intervene and provide any information that would lead to the arrest of the suspect who was involved and the husband is allegedly roaming free.

They want justice to be served here in South Africa, many of their kids have been killed, especially women. There has been growing concerns about the law enforcement in the country it seems like they are very much incapable of bringing about Justice, and this is something that has been worrying a lot of people because there are cases that go unsolved and murderers getting out of jail.

They do not understand how the suspects can kill her, how can they shoot a helpless woman with a gun. The family has been left heartbroken and they're inconsolable they really do not understand what could have brought this to even happen, and that is why many people are just pouring in on social media expressing their undying support for the lady.

The 35 year-old woman was arriving at her home, when she was attacked by an unknown suspect, who fired 9 shots and the woman died at the scene. The family suspecting Foul Play here and the number one suspect is the alleged husband of 17 years, who is implicated in this horrible crime.

Namhla Mtwa aka Hlehle worked in the Budget and Treasury Office at the OR Tambo District Municipality as an Assistant Accountant, apparrntly she endured the bad relationship for a long time.

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