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Concerned South African Man Sends A Message To Ramaphosa That Touched A Lot Of People. See Details.

Concerned South African Man Sends A Message To Ramaphosa That Touched A Lot Of People. 

South Africa seems to be in shambles as everything falls apart. Some citizens are however concerned and want the President to know about this as they can't even get help from the government or the police. 

A Twitter account by the name of Mfanakasi sent a message to Ramaphosa today which touched a lot of people. These people that were touched attested to what Mfanakasi was saying and others even shared similar stories from their neighborhoods. Mfanakasi said 

" Mr President @CyrilRamaphosa, in my 28 years living in Mamelodi I've seen my peers, family members, children of neighbors, and people whom we looked up to smoke Nyaope and now there's a new one called Crystal Meth. Crystal Meth I driving these kids mad, kids as young as 12 years old are on this drug. I don't really know what @PresidencyZA or @SAPoliceService

are doing about this but as a concerned community member I've noticed that reason why our brothers and sisters end up doing drugs is because they have nothing to do. I don't want to mention unemployment or lack of job opportunities because that song never ends so here's my proposal to you, help me build a recreation centre, or a gym, or a development centre where these kids will go to after school for extra mural activities because our neighbors are turning into drug capitals slowly but surely". 

People commented and shard similar stories " This is soo heartbreaking. As a person also from Mamelodi, I’ve also been seeing a few guys I grew up with acting strange and when I ask my siblings what’s wrong they told me that they’re on crystal. It’s really making rounds ko kasi and it’s getting out of hand". 

Things have gotten out of hand indeed, however, the local government should be the one to be blamed mostly for allowing communities to fall into the trap of drugs and unemployment. Sometimes we can't always blame the national government as we can also make a change in our communities. 

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