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Opinion: Kempton park taxi drivers says bolt drivers are taking their customers.

Taxi driver's think they are bigger than everyone.

Taxi drivers who work in Kempton park had told bolt drivers to not work in the area as they are taking their customer's.

How can a taxi driver say that or even think that cause bolt or uber driver's pick up people who have requested them and taking them straight to the gate of their destination.

If bolt and uber driver's are taking their customer's can a taxi pick you up from the mall or at a night club and put you straight at your gate? No they can't in fact they put you a distance away from your destination.

Bolt and uber can pick up four people and charge them one price but a taxi all four people have to pay. Uber or bolt work 24/7 which helps people who sometimes get stranded.

A taxi can not come to your house at 9pm or even 11pm to pick you up to taxi you to either the hospital or your cousin's place. A taxi can not pick you up at the club late at night when you can not drive yourself him after being drunk.

This commotion of these two parties should end bolt association and taxi association should meet up and discuss this matter.

Content created and supplied by: KoketsoNgwenya (via Opera News )



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