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Even Zimbabwean police come to SA to commit crime. Look at what was found with this one

Increasingly, the Beitbridge post is being threatened by border jumping, robbery, and drowning. To combat the rising tide of crime in the area, Zimbabwean officials are collaborating with South African police. Although efforts to combat crime appear hopeless, Zimbabwean police officers have collaborated in some illicit acts with their fellow residents.

On Sunday, a Zimbabwean police officer was stopped by SANDF soldiers who seized R126,500 worth of weed. It was discovered that the officer had crossed the border into South Africa illegally, as well as a large quantity of dagga. Additionally, he was holding his Zimbabwean Police Appointment Identity Card.

Dagga was found in the possession of this Zimbabwean police officer.

Things are out of control right now. In South Africa, even Zimbabwean police officers commit crimes! In other words, might Zimbabweans living in South Africa be considered criminals who fled the country's law? The next thing we know, they'll be here in full uniform, trying to grab whatever they can from us.

Dagga was detected in the possession of the Zimbabwean police.

San Diego County Sheriff's deputies stopped two high-end vehicles from crossing the border illegally into Zimbabwe in a separate incident. According to the authorities, the drivers leapt out and fled into Zimbabwe. Toyota Hilux GD6 Legend 50 and Toyota Fortuner 2020 are the two automobiles on the list.

As far as the Zimbabweans are concerned, they have a purpose. In the previous two days another Zimbabwean has allegedly slain two South Africans and returned to Zimbabwe across the river. Vhembe district in and around the Niani area is reported to have been raped and robbed by this man.

Police in Zimbabwe seized a cache of bags suspected to contain dagga

We aspire for South Africa to be more like other nations. Currently, Botswana is deporting thousands of Zimbabweans. Similarly, Namibia plans to do similarly in the near future. In South Africa, on the other hand, our administration is still revising and reviewing policy rather than simply deporting people in large numbers. In the SADC's foreign ties, we are certainly a weak point.

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