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Laugh out loud with these funny memes

If you don't know this tray ehhh Step aside. I'm not your mate. If this tray falls on the floor at 1am it can wake the entire South South geopolitical zone. Maybe I should just step aside If baby is born in the morning is Monica, evening is Evelyn.. On the floor is Florence.. What do we call a child born in a car...? I wish I knew but I don't I don't know why it is difficult for some people to say I will make it in life. Why?I think it's better to say I don't want to give you money. No one will force you to do so

Judge: Tell the court why you did what you did?

Me: It was the devil that made me to do it.

Judge: Come with the devil next week.


Other countries: Our children don't listen to us.

African moms: This is how we deal with our kids

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Evelyn Florence


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