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Remember a Nigerian guy who was using Fake SA ID? See what happened to him


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The people of Africa throughout the continent are clamoring for greater unification. However, there are certain Africans who, as a result of their participation in illegal operations in other African nations, are driving a wedge between the population of their own continent and other Africans. Specifically Nigerians, the majority of persons from Nigeria who are prohibited from entering other nations are banned because they come to those countries for the wrong reasons rather than to hustle like the rest of the population.

Swindling individuals over the internet and trafficking narcotics in South Africa are both activities that have been linked to a significant number of Nigerians. The majority of South Africans were left with no choice but to strike four individuals in order to have them deported to their respective countries as a direct result of the criminal actions that some of the following individuals are engaged in while in South Africa. South Africans have also admitted that they do not object to the immigration of people from other nations into their country. However, they do have a problem with people who came into the country with the malicious intent of destroying the country by participating in illegal activities such as money laundering, selling drugs, and human trafficking. These people are a problem for them.

A Nigerian man named James Aliyu was taken into custody in his opulent home in Sandton, Johannesburg, according to a report by a vehicle tracker in South Africa. According to the information that has been gathered, the Nigerian has been defrauding individuals online out of an estimated sum of R200 million. It has also been said that he was giving people at his comfort place in Sandton, and that his target audience was people from the United States.

The automobile According to additional information provided by South Africa, the Nigerian guy was in possession of a phony South African identification card that had been issued by the South African department of home affairs. On the photo that was posted above, there was also an attachment that showed the phony ID that he was using. According to information obtained from reliable sources, the Nigerian guy who was detained earlier this year was eventually set free. People couldn't believe that he was released from jail after serving only a year for such a serious act.

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