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Breaking News: Allegedly dead Skeem Sam Actor reported Alive


Photo credits: Twitter

There are people who always report News without doing background checks and verifying the information. Such things is one of the reasons why people end up losing trust on Journalism and start doing their own things , it’s very important to note that False information can be dangerous in our communities.

News platforms should always ensure their communication and spreading of verified news in all instances, it always make people to have trust on news and believe that they can believe and out their trust on news all the times , Without being disturbed by anything at all, it’s something very much important and something easily recognizable.

Photo credits: Twitter

One if the old Actors from SkeemSam have been reported to be dead . Checking her age , it can obviously be simple for people to believe on the fake news which are being released during that particular point and time. But in the meantime, it was checked , verified and found that such things being spreaded are wrong.

The old SkeemSam Actor is still Alive and kicking. It means there is just one Individual who decided to spread wrong news about her ans informing her about no longer being alive or dead. It’s a very important issue to get, we cannot be kicking about death and wishing people away on a daily basis.

Photo credits: Twitter

Skeemsam should make it upon itself to rectify Such mistakes which are being spreaded about one of its Actors. As an old person it can hardly affect her to a point where she end up losing her life. Spreading of Fake news should never be condoned Anywhere by anyone , it’s truly something which is totally wrong and not acceptable.

Photo credits: Twitter

Lets join hands as South Africans and spread correct news about her. We must make people know that she is still alive and very strong during these testing and tough times. Spreading of fake news should never be tolerated. I think the must also be a law to punish those who spread fake news.

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