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"The person who record this must be arrested" Man beaten by cops after trying to attack an officer.

Video of a man who attempted to beat a traffic officer but ended up on the receiving end of the beating is trending on social media platforms. In the end, the beating fell on this man's shoulders.

Law enforcement officers should not be assaulted in any way, but what happens if you are physically assaulted by one of their officers? In the event that you were the one who started the fight, would it still be possible for you to go ahead and file a complaint?

Attempting to punch a traffic officer did not go as well as planned for this individual. The officer was hit with his fists a few times, however.

This man was subjected to a brutal beating by an officer after being caught in the act of an attempted assault, which the officer witnessed. The other officers helped save the colleague of the other officers from further embarrassment by offering their assistance.

Social media was used by a number of people to express their displeasure with the lack of respect shown by some residents of the neighborhood to the police officers who serve and protect them. There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for you to even attempt to touch the officer. Because you don't even have the legal right.


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