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Incase you didn’t know, there’s a town in Mzansi with its own president and these

Orania is a town in South Africa but they have their president, currency, army & flag? Only 2 languages, Afrikaans & a little bit of English. They live by their own rules & not anyone can stay there. No outsiders are permitted to work there unless you have skills they don't have.

They bought the land, paid for it, developed it themselves no government funding/taxpayers money, build their own schools, infrastructure with their own money. Its privately owned so you are not entitled to anything there. Nobody gave them anything....

3) People of Orania owes nobody anything. Leave them alone. They do not ask you or anybody for anything. There is nothing stopping you or a group of your friends to buy land and develop your own town with your own money. Nothing at all.

They don't rob, hijack, sell drugs, steal cable, kidnap, steal young girls, brothels. Their presence there has no negative impact on us.orania is safer than jouburg. Leave those people alone.They are there peacefully. We have a problem of people who found creative ways into

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