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People Noticed Something Strange with Rose Mary Ndlovu

People Noticed Something Strange with Rose Mary Ndlovu

Date: 2021/10/22 

Rose Mary Ndlovu went to court this afternoon and it was discovered that she had a blanket on and the strange thing was that she had the same dress she wore in her first appearance in court, the yellow summer dress looked clean, she must have washed it in prison.

Rose is a topic of discussion all across South Africa, her life has been filled with purpose, she is on every television show people are usually amazed when she acts like she is insane. Strangeness is what she is good at, she killed five people which is one of the worst things anyone can think.

Imagining that she killed her own niece is just sickening, the court has found her guilty of multiple murders, South African Police services should give her a harsh time in prison, but it seems like she will be spending the rest of her life there, her children will miss her.

Being a police officer for money is one of the worst things a person can do for cash, they need to be passionate about that kind of work, or they will die or end up in jail like the female cop killer.

If she is free she will likely be killed quicker than a roach, this is because South Africans do mob justice if the court sleeps on the job they will do it, now she is about to go and face her makers in jail maybe they will be sweet towards but only if she has money, or has means to make it, but if not she will be made someone’s wife, this could mean that she will have to be strong as she will be fighting for survival with the criminals that will be looking for revenge.


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