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Road Accident

Paramedics called after woman drives brand new Polo through car dealership window.

It is alledged that emergency workers were called to the scene of a car dealership in Durban after a woman accidentally drove a new car through the dealership’s window. Apprently Paramedics responded to the scene just before noon on Wednesday to ensure that the woman was not injured.

People must stop shopping for driver’s licenses,The dealership is to blame for the accident. Why put a brand new car in front of the window for an “excited owner?” Why? I assume the paramedics also attended the salesperson?Shame it's a bad way of starting the year 2022.

On the bright side her insurance is not responsible as it didn't leave the dealership therefore no access amount will be charged to the woman.

Insurance company must put an eye on that person, as she is high risk. Her monthly premium must go up with immediate effect.

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