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A POLICE OFFICER GOT ARRESTED: Here is why it happened

Police are trained to uphold and protect the law .They should never find themselves on the opposite side of the law .There is always a price for those who decide to break the law ,which is getting arrested.

A police officer reportedly got arrested together with his accomplice after being charged with fraud , as well as defeating the ends of justice.In the report, it was stated that the police officer got arrested with the accomplice whom he allegedly assisted to lie to his employer when he missed work. Mollo Phillip and Constable Petrus Nnetlane were charged were the two who got arrested on the 21st of April 2022 in Bethlehem. Lucas reportedly failed to go to work on the 31st of March 2022. In accordance to the disciplinary hearing, Constable Nnetlane issued a form to his accomplice which alleged that on the day Lucas missed work , he had been given an option to either pay fine or make an appearance in court on a later date for charges of assault. When Lucas' company was issued the note , it decided to conduct further investigations. The Hawks who were approached by Lucas' company for assistance with the investigations concluded that Constable Nnetlane and Lucas colluded for the form to be issued.

It was also noted that the particulars that were used in the form were of a police officer who did not exist.The two suspects made their appearance in the Bethlehem Magistrate's Court and each got released on R500 bail .

It is devastating how a police officer decided to commit such a crime to help his accomplice lie .Mr Lucas should only have been honest with his company, than to put his career in danger .As the truth came out , it may be hard for Lucas to be trusted by his employers.

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