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Watch: 33-Year-Old Woman Got Arrested For Selling Muffins Mixed With Dagga To a Primary School Pupil


A 33-year-old woman got arrested for allegedly selling the space cookies to learners at school. This is showing us that some people will only care when they receive the money, but they don't care about other people's future that they are raining them. This is not a good thing because she's old enough to be doing what she is doing to learners at School. We all know that each school has that lady who is always out there selling cakes, snacks and other things that are loved by kids. It looks like things are now changing because they are even selling illegal things at school.

How could she do something like that is she not having kids because it looks like she doesn't have one since they are treating the school learners as old people? Some people are saying dagga is good, but that doesn't mean they should take it and sell it to innocent people that doesn't even know that we have added it into the food that we are selling. I can tell that after eating one you will feel that your body temperature is changing and for that, you must start disrespecting at school because you won't be seeing yourself.

Those people need to know that a space cookie is dangerous because lately, they have been kids who ate them, and they wake up in ICU. It has been said that those things are having no limit, if you eat more than it means that you will be high more. That's why some people are not even preferring them because they know that they are not perfect to 9ur health. We really need to unite and stop each bad thing that is about to happen to our kids at school because these days people are looking for money. They really need to stop it what they are doing because occasionally, we think that our kids got damaged by street, well, they've seen all that at school.

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