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Theft robbery

2 Armed Robbers At Large After Holding 10 Students At Gunpoint At Their Residence

Two armed robbers forced their way into a student residence in Vanderbiljpark, Gauteng and demanded goods. The suspects were very determined to steal from the learners and they then proceeded to make them give up their goods at gunpoint, so they had no choice but to give up whatever they had on them.

Ten students were present when the gunmen broke into the house, but all of them couldn't do anything because the suspects had promised to shoot anyone who had tried to move or do anything that would get in their way.

They ordered them to lie down on the floor inside the bathroom and then used pepper spray on the students and this is something that is quite common, now so many people really don't want to see it happening because it is causing a serious problem in our Society.

They pepper sprayed their premises before fleeing with the students' laptops, cellphones, cash, documents, and bank cards. The students are now feeling very much unsafe in the Campus and they feel like this was something that was planned beforehand, it might involve one of the security guards or anyone who works at the premises.

There is clearly a lot that the Campus management can do about the situation in order to ensure that it does not happen again and one of the things that they can do is make sure that they are installing cameras at the premises, and they also have to ensure that the security guards are reputable if they are going to work at the premises.

The police are encouraging anyone with information to come forward and give up that information so that the suspects can be brought to Justice, because these individuals were clearly troublesome that is why they need to be stopped before they cause more trouble for the people.

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