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“This Is The Difference Between Black And White Kids”- See a Heartbreaking Photo


For the past two weeks, there has been a lot of rain in the eastern coast. A number of people were captured on camera running for their lives as heavy rains swept throughout much of the nation. Several people were killed in the incident. As a result of torrential rains that hit the Eastern Cape over the weekend, causing serious flooding and the deaths of at least 14 people, as well as extensive damage to homes, hundreds of families have been forced to relocate to safer areas. Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Marx, a 53-year-old South African police officer, was one of the 14 people who perished in the East London catastrophe. During his time with the South African Police Service in the Eastern Cape, Captain Marx was a master diver. 



The flooding has begun, and it is a horrible event to witness. Schools reopened the following week, and kids were expected to report to class despite the rain. Following that, there are images that have broken the hearts of many people when they have been shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Heavy rains and flooding forced children from various areas to cross rivers in order to make their way to school on Monday morning. It was necessary for children to cross swiftly moving rivers in order to get to the school grounds. There's a photo that's been trending recently that many people find depressing. Take a look at the photo below: 

When it comes to getting to school, black children face a variety of challenges. How is it possible to expect a child to learn effectively after such a traumatic experience in the morning? As a matter of fact, our government has let us down. It was clear that this picture had sparked a lot of discussion. A number of commentators went on to argue that this is the reason why white people have higher levels of education than black people. In this photograph, they are familiarizing themselves with the realities of apartheid, claiming that the impacts of apartheid would never cease because blacks will always be impoverished and whites will always be pro-village. In fact, they went so far as to examine the transportation methods used by white children and black children to get to school. Take a look at the photo below:




It is unquestionably true that the consequences of apartheid will continue to chase us, white tool all of the advanced land, and abandon us and our freedom in the damaged land, where children must suffer to get to school on wet days while their parents take their children to school on school buses. We must address this issue and ensure that land is distributed evenly between blacks and whites, as there is an imbalance in the provision of land between the two groups.


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