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Free Booze In Isando

South Africans always make sure that they take advantage of the situation that is happening in front of them, they never let an opportunity to look go without putting it to good use. If a truck transporting a huge stock breaks down near their area, they do their best to help the truck by offloading the load to make sure that it continues with the journey without any heavy load weighing on it. We have seen people looting different items from the trucks across the country, but what was more fascinating was seeing a lady carrying the whole pig when a truck transporting meat broke down and people helped themselves to free meat.

A video has emerged where the people who were driving past Steel Street in Isando were filmed helping themselves to free booze after a truck overturned and lost its load.

On the video, people could be seen running as fast as they could toward the truck to make sure that they take as much as they can carry, they were making sure that they get a share of the free booze so that they can load on to their cars before the police arrive to secure the scene.

People have turned into scavengers who are always looking for an opportunity to get something without having to break a sweat, they also do such thing when there was a cash in transit heist where they rush to the cash van to collect the left overs of cash after the thugs have taken what they want, they happen to be putting their lives on the line since there could be an explosion and people could get hurt, but they don't really care, they just rush there to collect free money as much as they can, what happens after is not their concerns.


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